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In a world where almost any job now calls for employees to know how to solve a range of intellectual and technical problems, it is our responsibility as a school to ensure that the content we present our students is able to be applied in unfamiliar settings using a range of key skills. Rather than teach through direct instruction, our approach to teaching is based on students making meaning by doing, to create an authentic learning environment that prepares students for higher education and the workforce.

Walk into our lessons and you will see students taking an active role in their learning, they will be asking more questions they they are answering, and are enhancing their learning and skills by taking risks, making mistakes, reflecting, and constantly striving for improvement.

We offer a curriculum with a British foundation, yet an international approach. Our Key Stage 3 (Years 7-9) programme aims to prepare students for the rigors of the exam years by ensuring they are well acquainted with problem solving, critical and analytical thinking and the ability to convey their ideas in an articulate and persuasive way. Our Key Stage 4 (Year 10-11) programme centres around the International GCSE qualifications, the ideal preparation for our outstanding GCE (A Level) programme in Key Stage 5 (Years 12-13).

We believe for a student to have success, a strong support network needs to be in place. Academic success is likely when students have high levels of self-esteem and self-efficacy as a result of positive relationships with teachers and a well rounded curriculum. This ‘Academic Care’ as we call it, relies on outstanding teachers and tutors, and a healthy home-school partnership – all of which we are proud to say exist within our school.

So take a good look around our website to see examples of Academic Care in action or download our Secondary School Profile here. For more information on our curriculum please visit the Teaching & Learning page. We look forward to seeing you in person soon.

Mr Matt Corbett 
Head of Secondary


The Secondary School curriculum at GIS focuses on supporting young, confident adults to reach their potential in line with our GIS Learner Skills. Students should leave us prepared to face the challenges of university life and beyond.

For the students to flourish we need to create the right kind of learning environment so they are fully supported as they take on the challenges of becoming young adults.

Our focus on involvement outside the classroom alongside academic excellence aims to create the opportunity for students to become world changers in both their local and global communities.

Our courses are designed to meet the academic, personal and cultural needs of our students and better equip them for future challenges, while at the same time creating enjoyable learning environments that inspire and motivate.

Students follow the full range of subjects, which are linked to the National Curriculum of England but modified to create courses appropriate for an international education.

GIS is a registered Cambridge School. We offer a world-class curriculum and international qualifications that are recognised across the world. As part of Cambridge learning community, we work together to develop passionate and committed learners who are prepared for their future. 


Courses in Drama, Art, Music, Design Technology, ICT, PE, History and Geography are compulsory at Key Stage 3, along with the core subjects of Maths, English and Science that they will continue up to age 16. They can also select two World Languages chosen from Malay, Mandarin, Spanish and French. This extensive curriculum is taught by highly qualified specialist teachers who make full use of the school’s wide-ranging specialist facilities.

Class sizes average around 22. In English, Maths and Languages, classes are arranged so that students are taught in groups of similar ability. This enables students to receive both the challenge and the support necessary for them to make the most effective progress and achieve their potential. Individual mentoring is provided to students by their personal tutors.

There is a structured programme of camps that form an important part of the curriculum. These opportunities outside the classroom are designed to develop interpersonal and leadership skills, environmental awareness, independent learning and time management skills.

As they progress through Key Stage 3, students become self-motivated, independent and enquiring learners and ready to take on the challenge of IGCSE courses.



Students follow a full range of courses leading to International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) examinations. Through the expertise and dedication of our teaching staff and the support they provide to our students, GIS consistently achieves excellent results in these examinations.

In Years 10 and 11, all students follow courses in English Language and Literature or English as an Additional Language, Mathematics, Science and PE, in addition to a Global Awareness Project. Students choose a range of subjects suited to their individual aspirations and abilities. There is a detailed guide to the courses available and advice provided by senior teachers in helping students make the best decision.

In Years 7 to 12, students are able to apply to become a Student Leader within one of the nine strands – Learning, Action, Well-being, Positive Education, Green, Digital, Arts, Sport and Mentoring. These Student Leaders form a key part of the decision making process in many areas of the school and recent successes include the highly popular ‘Drop and Go’ scheme, our yearly ‘Happy Week’, and student-led lesson observations.

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